Taxation of Deceased Estates for Estate Practitioners

About the book

This updated version is a practical easy reference guide for Estate Practitioners on the taxation issues encountered during the administration of a Deceased Estate and the subsequent management of Testamentary Trusts and includes recent changes such as the new ATO Practice Compliance Guidelines affecting estates. 

Estate taxation can be a complex area of taxation law that is unfortunately not widely understood by many tax agents, it is therefore critical that legal practitioners advising on Estate administration matters have the ability to identify important taxation issues in the process.

This book provides the answer to key questions such as the tax responsibilities of executors and when a tax return is required. It addresses a number of fundamental estate taxation issues such as capital gains tax, superannuation proceeds and the concepts of present entitlement.

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“This 2nd edition is an enhancement of what was already a useful and very practical reference source for professional practitioners and other readers on the world of Australian income tax as it affects deceased estates.  It is a shame that there aren’t more such concise references.”

Allan Swan
Estate Planning Equation, Melbourne

“Australian Executor Trustees continues to have a successful relationship with the staff at BNR Partners. They are a global award-winning accounting practice with a particular specialisation in the taxation of deceased estates and testamentary trusts.  This updated guide is extremely useful for all practitioners who work in this area or who have had to deal with the passing of their clients. The accounting industry is fortunate to have Ian Raspin and his team share their tips and expertise in this handy and easy-to-read publication.”

Ivana Bosio
Special Counsel – Tax & Philanthropy
Estate and Trustee Services
Australian Executor Trustees, Adelaide

“This book provides a very thorough and easy to understand explanation of all the taxation issues which estate practitioners should be aware of.  Ian’s writing is so clear and his use of scenarios to illustrate points, provides a very helpful explanation of many of the taxation issues.  He has managed to address a multitude of taxation issues in this book, which really is a great resource for practitioners.  I highly recommend this book become a staple addition to the library of every estate practitioner.”

Angela Cornford-Scott TEP
Accredited Specialist in Succession Law
Cornford-Scott Lawyers, Brisbane