The tax obligations of a Legal Personal Representative


This e-book written jointly by Ian Raspin FCPA, CTA, TEP, Director, and Mark Morris LLB B.Comm, CPA, FTIA Senior Tax Counsel of our Estates and Trusts division has and discusses the obligations of a legal personal representative (LPR) relating to the  income tax affairs of a deceased person, including a detailed analysis of their personal liabilities and the operations of the ATO’s newly finalised Practical Compliance Guideline (PCG 2018/4).

The Australian Tax Pitfalls of Administering an Estate with International Connections.

With such a multicultural society and an ever increasing level of immigration, Australian Estate Practitioners are increasing being confronted with estates that contain the complexities of offshore assets or residents.


This book provides the answer to key questions such as the tax responsibilities of executors and when a tax return is required. It addresses a number of fundamental estate taxation issues such as capital gains tax, superannuation proceeds and the concepts of present entitlement.

One of the largest assets of a typical deceased estate is often the principal place of residence. What is often inadvertently overlooked is that the sale of the residence may trigger a number of Capital Gains Tax issues for the estate. This book explores this minefield and spells out clearly how to handle this issue.